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Linguistics Resources

General Linguistics

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Linguistics

I Love Languages

Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities (NCCH)


An in-Depth Look at Language

Linguistics at Lancaster

Computational linguistics and computational tools

Lexical Functional Grammar

Eric Brill's home page - computational linguistics

Lingsoft Home Page

Natural Language Computing Home Page

Teaching materials for statistical NLP

The AGFL Grammar Work Lab

The Natural Language Software Registry

Humanities Text Initiative


Language and Linguistics departments

MIT Linguistics Home Page

UNIL / Department of Linguistics

University of Rochester, Linguistics

Department of Linguistics, University of Texas


Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page


Overview of the Scholarly Societies Project

ATHENA: Authors & Texts

Språkdata: extern information


Yahoo - Social Science:Linguistics and Human Languages

Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Software:Natural Language Processing