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Greek Major and Minor

For specific requirements about the Major in Classics with a Greek Emphasis, see the course catalog

Usual Major in Classics with Greek Emphasis Requirements

Students must first take GRE 101, 102, and 201 unless they have equivalent high-school preparation. At least 18 additional credits in Greek courses numbered above 299 are required. Courses in Latin numbered above 299 may be substituted with the approval of the department. Recommended supporting courses include LIN 201, LIN/ANT 215, 472, LIT 101, 102, 203, 211, PHI 207, 212.

Minor Requirements

For specific requirements on the Classics Minor, see the Course Catalog. A minor in Classics usually consists of 21 credits in GRE courses or LAT courses, including 101 through 201 plus 9 upper-division credits