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Computational Linguistics - Requirements

In order to receive the Masters of Science in Computational Linguistics, students must complete at least 36-credit hours of coursework, which includes 3 or 6 credits in an internship, and earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0

A total of nine courses are required: five LIN courses (601 Introductory Linguistic Analysis, 611 Semantics of Human Language, 641 Syntactic Analysis, 651 Morphological Analysis, and 741 Advanced Syntax), two 3 CPS courses in (681 Explorations in Computing and Programming, and 688 Algorithms for Computational Journalism and Linguistics), two IST courses (657 Basics of Information Retrieval Systems, and 664 Natural Language Processing)  plus a 3 or 6 credit IST internship.

To learn more about the Master’s degree and its course offerings, please click here